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GBIA Dan Blossom (Shoshoni Language)

Dan BlossomOral History Interview with Dan Blossom, Western Shoshone from Battle Mountain, NV on 03/27/2012
This oral history contains significant Shoshone language conversation, and is recommended for usage by community language teachers.

Dan Blossom (Cho Cho Kunn) was born in Battle Mountain (Dona Muzza), Nevada in 1924. His mother was Miley Jackson-Cavanaugh. He is part of the Jackson Clan. Dan Blossom describes how he grew up on the outskirts of Battle Mountain. He describes how he would hunt for food such as gomba (type of desert ground squirrel), and eat other foods such as deer, duck, etc. He describes how his grandmother Aggie Jackson and his family lived while he was growing up in Battle Mountain. Dan also tells us of his school experience, and how he was not allowed to speak Shoshone. He later describes his life while he was in the Army during the Korean War. He later tells us a traditional Shoshone Tale: Coyote and Wolf. (GBC VHC Description, 08/01/2017)

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