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Shoshoni Dictionary

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Shoshoni English Part of Speech Dialect Source
-fe[']nni Fort Hall Shoshoni Gould and Loether 2002
(front) mupai'mogo'chi Pocket (Back) Graham 2008
(front) mupai'mogo'chi Pocket (Back) Graham 2008
faihte This evening Graham 2008
female : muts'ĕm bi a mountain sheep Goshiute Chamberlin 1908
female: kwa'ri; male: pi'ŭ wants antelope Goshiute Chamberlin 1908
for Appeal to Ely Shoshoni Graham 2008
front locks (“bangs"): mo'pai bañ ga sa hair (general term) Goshiute Chamberlin 1908
Last Updated: 6/7/21